Królewskie Opowieści 4: Świetę Przymierze. Edycja kolekcjonerska

Join heroic adventure in the fantasy world on the edge of War!
The fate of the Realm depends on your ability to come to terms with Five races of the Realm and remind them of their own Vows!

The century-old Truce is desecrated when someone tries to assassinate the Elven king! Peace and common sense are hanging by a very thin thread and the wildfire of hatred and chaos is threating to swallow Five Races of the Realm. One person has duty to stay reasonable and self-collected and remind all others to the vows they made hundered years ago!

That person is Maximus Pax and he's our her to be!

Our hero is going to war not to win it but to stop it! His weapon is not a sword nor a bow and arrow but the power of the Sacred Truce!

Being the member of the Peacekeeper's guild, he's the only person with the power and authority to stop the world from falling into decay and destruction! But a hero's journey has more than one obstacle to it! To save a centry-old peace he'll need to uncover a century-old mystery!

What are the true motives that instigated the vile deed that brought turmoil upon the realm of the Five Races once again?

Will Maximus manage to expose this faulty ruse in time and apply the power of the Sacred Truce to remind all of the Five Races to their vows?

Take this epic journey with our hero to find out!

Pełna wersja gry oferuje:

  • Masterfully balanced beauty of painted locations contrasting the uppcoming turmoil and excitement of the story-line
  • Re-playable puzzles and Hidden Object Scenes which will lead you through this epic journey
  • Downloadable Music and Wallpapers to revive your heroic memories of beuatiful fantasy world
  • Collectibles and achievements that will add to your epic experience
  • A story-line that will leave you wanting more

Wymagania sprzętowe:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 / CPU: 2.0 GHz / RAM: 1024 MB / DirectX: 9.0

Pół godziny zabawy za darmo!




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