Baking Bustle 2: Ashley's Dream

  • Gry
  • 2022-06-26

Grow a single restaurant into a chain of popular eateries that span the world of food! From grilling the best burgers in town to crafting lasagna that would make a pure-blooded Italian weep for joy, there are no boundaries to the culinary wonders you can create and no limits to how far you can expand your empire!

The Snow Fable: Mystery Of The Flame. Collector's Edition

  • Gry
  • 2022-06-12

When an enchanted flame begins to fade, a Girl embarks on a quest to save her fiery friend. But with each step forward, she draws closer to an encounter with a dark force she could not have conceived!

Brave Deeds Of Rescue Team. Collector's Edition

  • Gry
  • 2022-05-29

When nearby towns are facing the brunt of the gathering storm, you’ll need to respond quickly and assemble the ultimate team of Rescuers to save them from catastrophe. Make good use of natural and aid packages to rebuild townships, all the while rescuing civilians from the devastating outcomes of these catastrophes.

Incredible Dracula 9: Legacy of the Valkyries

  • Gry
  • 2022-05-14

A giant of mythic proportions stands between Dracula and the fabled riches of the Valkyries, but the cantankerous count won't let that stop him from setting off on a journey that will take him through fantastical lands and pit him against fierce creatures of legend to claim his prize! Download and play this epic adventure today to claim the treasure of the Valkyries before your rivals!

New Yankee 11: Battle For The Bride. Collector's Edition

  • Gry
  • 2022-05-01

Embark on an adventure with a ragtag crowd of royals and help prevent a greedy knight from marrying Sir Lancaster’s daughter for money, all while facing deadly enemies and dastardly puzzles. You’ll need to optimize your decision-making skills as you choose whether to gather resources, construct buildings or remove anything standing in your way.

Legendary Tales: Cataclysm

  • Gry
  • 2022-04-24

A dreadful prediction came to the oracle — the cataclysm is coming. The renegade witch is about to save the world or ruin it...

Hermes 4: Tricks of Thanatos

  • Gry
  • 2022-04-15

Someone has thrown open the Gates of Hell and is letting the damned escape into the realm of the living! Battle malevolent spirits, call on demigods to provide aid and restore life to a besieged world! Do you have what it takes to wield the all-new superpower? Grab your mouse and prepare to click your way to an epic win!

Viking Heroes 2

  • Gry
  • 2022-04-02

Join a family of heroic Vikings on an epic journey through a magical land as they come to the aid of the helpless and seek to stop a dark and destructive force. The stakes are higher, the rewards are greater and the gameplay is more fun than ever!

Najlepszy sposób na odstresowanie

  • Gry
  • 2022-03-24

Dzisiaj gry komputerowe i mobilne są jedną z popularniejszych, uniwersalnych form rozrywki. Nie tylko pozwalają na świetną zabawę, ale też działają odstresowująco, co w ostatnich tygodniach jest bardzo ważne. Gama wyboru gatunków jest szalenie szeroka i głęboka, rozwiązania technologiczne są na coraz bardziej imponującym poziomie i tak naprawdę już niewiele byłoby w stanie zaskoczyć odbiorcę.

Rescue Team 13: Heist of the Century. Collector's Edition

  • Gry
  • 2022-03-20

From Warhol to Van Gogh, priceless works of art are disappearing from galleries around the world! Even worse, devastating natural disasters are occurring in tandem with these heinous heists! To find out who's behind this calamitous crime spree and stop the destruction, global authorities do the only thing they can: activate the Rescue Team!

Legendary Tales: Cataclysm. Collector's Edition

  • Gry
  • 2022-03-13

A dreadful prediction came to the oracle — the cataclysm is coming. The renegade witch is about to save the world or ruin it...

New Yankee 10: Under the Genie's Thumb

  • Gry
  • 2022-03-06

A genie in a lamp demands a pair of time-tripping heroes make his wishes come true in this all-new adventure starring the mighty Sir John and the magical Lady Mary! Whether you want to play a single level to pass a few minutes of time or immerse yourself for hours, New Yankee: Under the Genie's Thumb will make you feel like your wishes have been granted!

"Rysogra" Hervé Tullet

  • Gry
  • 2022-02-21

Losuj karty, rzucaj kostką, wybieraj szablony i rysuj, inspirując się instrukcjami Herve Tulleta.

Golden Rails 3: Road to Klondike. Collector's Edition

  • Gry
  • 2022-02-20

There's a gold rush coming and it's your job to pave the way! Guide Jack and Jill as they rebuild rundown villages and breathe new life into a barren land. It's as easy as a few clicks of your mouse! Can you tame the Wild West? Will you reach the Klondike? Download and play Golden Rails: Road to Klondike today!

Claire's Cruisin' Café 2: High Seas Cuisine. Collector's Edition

  • Gry
  • 2022-02-04

Feed the famished masses on a luxury cruise through tropical waters! With a chef's knife in your hand and the warm sun on your back, you'll prep everything from mouthwatering meatballs to succulent sushi as you satisfy the gourmet cravings of the passengers on a grand ocean liner! Serve them fast and check them out even faster to earn big tips and see your fame grow from bow to stern!

Robin Hood 3: Hail to the King!

  • Gry
  • 2022-01-22

Join Robin Hood and his band of merry companions on a thrilling quest to return King Richard to the throne! Players will love guiding the legendary hero as he steals from the rich, gives to the poor and saves Nottingham from its tenacious villain. Download and play "Robin Hood: Hail to the King!" today!

Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters. Collector's Edition

  • Gry
  • 2022-01-07

Embark on an electrifying adventure to save the world from a robotic menace! As the leader of the Rescue Team, you will guide your courageous crew as it attempts to shut down the Power Eaters before they turn Earth into a huge ball of lightning! It's all in a day's work as you command the Rescue Team through another epic escapade!


  • Gry
  • 2021-12-25

Guide the young and fierce Catana as he goes to battle against an army of killer veggies! With point-and-click simplicity, you'll create matches that eliminate groups of enemies, unleash powerful attacks and take down crafty bosses! Face Tentacles, Lava Crunchers, Robots and more in a world of great dangers and even greater rewards!

Looking for Aliens. Collector's Edition

  • Gry
  • 2021-12-11

Experience a close encounter of the fun kind as you search the planet for aliens that have hidden themselves just out of sight! With the answer to the age-old question of whether or not we're alone in the universe as close as the nearest bush, you won't rest until you have uncovered every hidden E.T. and the objects they have stashed away.

Legendary Tales: Skradzione Życie

  • Gry
  • 2021-11-26

Explore a fascinating world to save a werewolf's life and bring justice to the land ruled by cruel witches.




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